Hydraulic Neutral

Although this procedure shows Hydraulic Neutral for the Pro-Turn 600, the Hydraulic Neutral is the same for similar style units.
Step 1

If one of your transaxles makes a loud whining sound with the unit in park or if the Zero-Turn naturally veers in one direction with the parking brake released – this is an indicator that the hydraulic neutral setting in one of the transaxles may be misadjusted.

Begin by chocking the front tires with wheel chocks. Use a floor jack to raise the rear end of the unit off the ground. Lower safely onto jack stands and ensure the unit is stable.

Step 2

Start the engine and move the throttle levers to fast position. Release the parking brake. Move the steering levers forward and backward 5 or 6 times and then return to neutral position to verify direction of wheel movement.

Does wheel move FWD or REV? If there is excessive rotation hydraulic neutral will need to be set.

Step 3

Remove the wheel from the side of the unit you are adjusting.

Using a 3/4" Allen wrench, loosen the bolt for the hydraulic neutral stop bracket as shown here.

Adjust the stop bracket to eliminate previously noted wheel rotation.

Step 4

Start the engine, move the throttle lever to fast position release the parking brake move the steering levers forward and backward 5 or 6 times and the return to neutral position.

If the RTN stop bracket is adjusted properly there should be little to no wheel movement.

It can be visually helpful to reinstall the wheel so that axle rotation can be observed from the operator's seat.

If excessive wheel movement is noted, repeat previous adjustment steps until little to no wheel movement is found.

Step 5

Tighten the Allen bolt for the Neutral Stop bracket. (22-24 FTLBS)

Step 6
At this time you will need to confirm mechanical neutral is properly adjusted on the unit. Refer to the mechanical neutral section on the Inter-active Service Manual for the proper adjustment procedure for the eccentric.
Step 7

Engage the parking brake.

Reinstall the wheel spacer and wheel. Torque the lug nuts to 60 – 90 ft. – lbs.

Raise the unit up with the floor jack, remove the jack stands, and safely lower the unit to the ground.