Adjusting Deck Lift Assist Download

Steps 1-2

The deck lift assist springs may be adjusted to modify deck lift assist and deck stability. Increased spring tension leads to easier deck lifting, but also decreases deck stability.

  1. Loosen jam nuts on spring anchors.
  2. Adjust lift assist springs equally on each side of deck.
    • Turn adjustment nuts counterclockwise to decrease lift assist and increase deck stability.
    • Turn adjustment nuts clockwise to increase lift assist and decrease deck stability.
Excessive spring tension increases the potential for deck to lift and bounce over rough terrain and affect cut quality.
Steps 3-6
  1. Set deck to 8.9 cm (3.5") HOC position.
  2. 48" / 52" / 60" Deck Only: Measure spring anchor length from outside edge of jam nut to bolt end. Readjust spring tension if necessary
  3. 72" Deck Only: Tighten to maximum spring extension.
Lift assist springs MUST be adjusted equally.
  1. Tighten jam nuts against spring anchors.