Player Download

Models in this documentation link to 3D Composer files that display detailed part breakdowns or replacement procedures. In order to view these files, the SOLIDWORKS Composer Player must be installed on your computer. If it is not, follow the steps below to download it from the SOLIDWORKS website and install it.

Note: The installation of this software requires administrator privileges on the target computer.

Step 1: Go to SOLIDWORKS Website Download Page.

Follow the link:

Click the tab labeled "Free Tools".

Step 1

Step 2: Download the Composer Player

Click the link labeled "SOLIDWORKS Composer Player/Add-in".

Step 2

Step 3: Run the Downloaded Installer

Click the " Open File" link when the file is completed downloading and run the Installer. Follower the steps to install Composer Player on your system.

Note: Running the installer for this software requires administrators privileges on the target computer.

Step 3