Battery Download

Battery Replacement

Purge air from hydraulic system after draining oil or changing a filter.

Step 1
  1. Place the unit in service position.
    • Park unit on a flat, level surface.
    • Engage parking brake.
    • Stop engine, remove key and wait for moving parts to stop and for hot parts to cool.
    • Chock wheels. Strap and clamp unit onto lift, if used.
Steps 2 - 4
  1. Disconnect the negative cable and then the positive cable from the battery.
  2. Loosen the wing knobs securing hold-down bracket to battery.
  3. Remove bolts from slots in battery tray and remove hold-down bracket.
  4. Remove battery.
Step 5
  1. Clean the battery.
    • Clean terminals and battery cable ends with a wire brush.
    • Coat terminals with dielectric grease or petroleum jelly.
Steps 6 - 9
  1. Install battery and secure with hold-down bracket and wing knobs.
  2. Reconnect positive cable and then the negative cable.
  3. Place boot over positive cable.
  4. Return seat to operating position.