PTO Belt Download

Damaged or worn belts may result in injury and / or damage to the unit. Check belts for excessive wear or cracks often.
Step 1
  1. Stop engine, remove key and wait for all moving parts to stop and for hot parts to cool.
Step 2
  1. Engage parking brake.
Steps 3 - 5
  1. Position mower deck at lowest cutting height.
  2. Remove and retain belt covers.
  3. Lift and rotate access panel rearward until it locks into place.
Use care when releasing idler spring tension. Keep body parts away from idlers when performing this operation.
Steps 6 - 7
  1. Slowly remove spring hook from anchor bolt to release tension from belt idler.
  2. Remove PTO belt.
Steps 8 - 11
Mower drive belt MUST be installed before PTO belt.
  1. Install PTO belt around clutch sheave at rear of unit.
  2. Install PTO belt around top groove of split pulley at deck center and around left spindle pulley.
  3. Align belt with idler pulleys.
  4. Reinstaller idler spring hook around anchor bolt to apply tension to belt.
Ensure belts are correctly aligned in pulleys.
Steps 12 - 13
  1. Reinstall belt covers.
  2. Lift access panel to close panel.